Evidence indicated no evolution, and no race.

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There were 70 categories of evidence to validate the Originality Law. These included the stars, planets, other cosmic objects, the solar system, and the biosphere of planet, Earth. The objects were unanimously originals. There were no identical objects. The inference from those data indicated that the objects of the entire universe were original. There were no identical objects. That indicated that the universe may be characterized by all one.

No two were alike anywhere. There were no identities. Every object was an original. There were no exceptions. It was a law. Every object thereby became its own category. There was no trail of morphological change from one object to any other. Without antecedence, each object became its own group. There was no sign of any morphological progression, nor of any evolution of any kind. That suggested that every object was specifically created with originality and no dependence on any other object. There was no evidence of evolution, nor any sign of it anywhere. AS far as the evidence could tell, evolution did not exist. Likewise based on the evidence, there was no sign of races. Each human being was morphologically different from every other human being. Each one formed a race of one. As a group. there was only one race, the human race. The evidence indicated no evolution and no two were alike. 1-11-19

Stephen Hawking Was Asked.

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Stephen Hawking was asked, Does God exist? He answered, no, because the universe spontaneously came into existence. Further, before the “big bang,” time did not exist. There was nothing for a God to do. The simplest possibility was best and that was that God does not exist. 

However, Dr. Hawking left unexplained a few details. On the one hand, he maintained that the entire universe sprang into existence without energy expended from anything anywhere. And on the other hand he maintained that he was not suggesting any violations of the laws of science. Merely as a proton may spring into being and then disappear, so may a universe. The evidence supposedly came from observations made in quantum mechanics experiments. 

Dr. Hawking did not encourage his readers to suppose that the quantum observation could have been incomplete or flawed and that some time in the future the explanation may be found on where the proton went and with what source of energy to power it there. But according to quantum mechanics, that a proton was expected to be at a certain address and was not there meant that a proton may go out of existence. Or may reappear where not expected. Or may go out of existence, then come back into existence at an unexpected address. And those assertions suggested that an entire universe also might go out of existence, then back into existence in some similar way. And based on such assertions, Dr. Hawking believed that our universe spontaneously came into existence. Further, there was nothing for a God to do. So, there was no God.

 Unlike the methods section of research reports, these remarkable assertions were given without evidence that the reader might use to check their veracity.

Let us recall that for 2,000 years, western societies were taught that the goddess Gaea populated planet, Earth, with life. To check that remarkable assertion, Dr. Francesco Redi moved science forward 2,000 years with his verifying experiments and proved that life arose from eggs, not Gaea vitalism. Now on the question of the existence of God, Dr. Hawking asserts that there is no God because quantum mechanics has demonstrated that we live in a peek-a-boo universe. We may wonder whether Dr. Hawking’s remarkable assertion may be checked by the reader. 

According to Anaximander, Gaea, the goddess of the Earth, found this planet barren. She then populated it with simple organisms. These organisms advanced to higher organisms by means of struggle until they arrived at the pinnacle, humans. The struggle continued but this time the struggle caused the organisms to progressively decline back to simple organisms, then finally to lifelessness and the barren planet again. Gaea then began the cycle again and so it went on indefinitely. 

Anaximander gave as proof of the Gaea assertion that a piece of meat left out will one day be covered with maggots. The maggots supposedly were generated spontaneously from the Gaea vitalism in the meat. The maggots supposedly laid eggs that hatched as flies. The change of the wingless maggots to the winged flies was supposedly again generated by Gaea’s vitalism in the meat. Why did this not occur with larger organisms? The answer given was that Gaea was fatigued and only could work her vitalism with small animals like the maggots. The readers were expected to believe these remarkable assertions without confirming evidence and for 2,000 years they did.

Dr. Francesco Redi’s attempted confirmations led to the discovery that the maggots came from the tiny unnoticed eggs the flies had laid. And the flies hatched from the eggs were the same kind that laid the eggs. There was no spontaneous generation nor any spontaneous transmutation from land to flying organisms. Tiny eggs merely developed to large adults in stages. Although that finding advanced science 2,000 years, from 500 BC to 1700 AD, it was not able to overcome the commercialism of its day. The slave trade needed blacks to be only partly evolved and that would permit their being bought and sold like animals by their white owners. The young of the white owners were indoctrinated by their schools with the mission of going to the colonies to put down the anti-slavery revolts. See the film, Four Feathers, for a depiction of how effectively the evolution indoctrination was organized in white society. The millionaires from the slave trade commerce had completely overwhelmed Dr. Redi’s financially unrewarding science. With only weak opposition, commerce began a long history of prevailing over science.

Was Dr. Hawking and his quantum assertions more like the superstitious Gaea vitalism taught for 2,000 years, or more like Dr. Redi’s confirmed experiments? As evidence, were assertions more valid than reproducible experiments? Did assertions advance science or did confirmable experiments?