What is the evidence? From stars down to microorganisms?
For God is science: 36,900 observations.
Against God is science: 0, zero observations.
For God is science: the entire universe says so. It is a fact.
Against God is science: 0, zero in the entire universe.

Who is afraid to go to court for God is science? Not I.
Does anyone have more evidence than a whole universe? Does Dr. Stephen Hawking? Apparently not. Anyone else?

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jamastropaolo@gmail.com            Posted on August 6, 2017

Recently, Dr. Stephen Hawking claimed
(1) that there is no God and
(2) that physics created the universe.

Dr. Hawking was challenged to a Science Trial on either or both claims. http://originalitythroughouttheuniverse.com/science-trial/
Dr. Hawking so far has defaulted on the challenge to his claims and accordingly has been put on a public list as of
June 1, 2017. This is not permanent. He may defend his claims at any time, and if he prevails, then get off the list.

If anyone would like to substitute for Dr. Hawking, Dr. Mastropaolo would be glad to accommodate on those claims. If a substitute cannot be found, Dr. Mastropaolo is ready to present the evidence.

Dr. Mastropaolo’s evidence is objective classical science and proves that God is a fact according to classical science and that God created the universe according to classical science.

The evidence also proves God with unanimous evidence that has the certainty of undeniable fact.

Are you influenced by science? Bona fide true science, that can be overwhelmingly defended any time, any where, against anyone? Then GOD *IS*A*FACT may be for you.

Unfortunate but true, the atheists of the world are denying reality. They admit that the plants and animals appear created. But then they advise believing the opposite, that everything evolved. Believing the opposite of reality is psychosis according to the dictionary. Apparently, to be an evolutionist you must abandon reality and enter the realm of psychosis. The alternative is to accept reality as it is, abandon evolution, and stay normal. I prefer to stay normal.

Know the universe as it actually exists. Life is too short to be confused about where you are. You are in a universe in which every object is an original and only God could have managed that. The evidence is all there for anyone to see it. And it was backed up by prevailing over 374,000 to zero atheists disguised as evolutionists and 12,000 to zero  Genesis deniers disguised as scientists. It has been thoroughly tested and found factual. Don’t believe the psychosis peddlers. Join the believers in reality that God is science. Life is too short to miss out on the myriad originalities of the universe’s only known biosphere.

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June 6, 2017