Argue or show evidence.

There was a debate on the topic, Does God Exist, and several hundred attended. Those taking the positive point of view gave various beliefs from religious denominations. The atheists replied with why they believed the denominations were wrong. So it went back and forth but no one spoke on whether or not God exists. The debate ended in a draw because the various beliefs were considered as valid as the various disbeliefs.

The debate might have been resolved had there been some objective evidence presented. For example, there were billions of unique fingerprints recorded from thousands of years ago to modern times. Someone had to make those fingerprints unique and that denoted God. The atheists would have been without a rival candidate because evolution had no intelligence to do it, and the atheists would have lost the debate. The key was the objective mathematical evidence, not the subjective arguments. The only candidate capable of such omnipresence throughout the ages and the omniscience for endless originals was the mega creator, God. God not only existed, but concretely and endlessly showed that existence.