Evidence indicated no evolution, and no race.

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Evidence. There were 70 categories of evidence to validate the Originality Law. These included the stars, planets, other cosmic objects, the solar system, and the biosphere of planet, Earth. The objects were unanimously originals. There were no identical objects. The inference from those data indicated that the objects of the entire universe were original. There were no identical objects. That indicated that the universe may be characterized by all one. No two were alike anywhere. There were no identities. Every object was an original. There were no exceptions. It was a law. Every object thereby became its own category. There […]

Stephen Hawking Was Asked.

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Stephen Hawking was asked, Does God exist? He answered, no, because the universe spontaneously came into existence. Further, before the “big bang,” time did not exist. There was nothing for a God to do. The simplest possibility was best and that was that God does not exist. 

However, Dr. Hawking left unexplained a few details. On the one hand, he maintained that the entire universe sprang into existence without energy expended from anything anywhere. And on the other hand he maintained that he was not suggesting any violations of the laws of science. Merely as a proton may spring into […]

Who or what did it?

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Why is every object an original?
 A sample of all of the objects of the universe revealed that they were all originals. It was well known that all snowflakes were originals. The rationale was that the shape of each snowflake was determined by the environment through which the snowflake fell. Since no two snowflakes fell through exactly the same conditions, then it seemed reasonable that no two should have the same shape. But that reasoning failed in the case of fingerprints. The use of fingerprints for identification goes back thousands of years and of course not the print nor its […]

Report Evidence

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For a paper or a book, the second section reviews the literature. That tells what is known about the subject, particularly in the form of evidence. The evidence most valuable is objective and permits confirmation. Opinions and speculations may explain evidence but may not substitute for the requirement of objective evidence. Opinions and speculations are subjective, not objective. Another aim of the second section is to permit the reader to confirm the evidence and the results. If a reader follows the protocol, then a confirmation should result and a verification of the new contribution of the report. That should ease […]

Fossil Bone

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An Objective Ancestry Test for Fossil Bones.  © Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.* 2002 [*Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach; Adjunct Professor, Institute for Creation Research] Abstract By the look of the curve of a fossil toe bone and the slant of its joint surface, recent reports concluded that it was from an ancestor of apes and humans, Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba, that walked on two legs. The question arose as to whether there might be a simple method yielding objective evidence to bridge the gap between those scant subjective determinations and that far-reaching conclusion. Accordingly, an objective, valid, reliable and calibrated […]

Originality of Everything.

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Originality applies to all objects of the universe and to the universe as a whole. It stipulated that each object of the universe, like each snowflake or each fingerprint, had to be an original. No duplicates were found. Further, each object was composed of elements that were original. There were no duplicate elements found. Likewise, the universe as a whole was an original entity. Originality recognized the spacetime of general relativity as well as the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics. Originality did not attempt to rectify or link these two seemingly contradictory descriptors of reality but used the disparate attributes […]

A Macro View of the Universe.

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A macro view is what we can see and use. We may not be concerned with the granularity of space or the comings and goings of electrons. Let’s see what the universe is like for the human observer. We notice that the only biosphere anywhere is right here and we are in it. All of the searching of space has failed to turn up any other biosphere. And no other address for any life forms. Every object in space by direct observation and by inference is a desert. This has been confirmed by the best and the most thorough searching […]

Bluffer Michael Shermer

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Michael Shermer was asked three times, Does God Exist. All three times, he would not answer the question. Politely insisting on an answer, his assistant threatened with blocking e-mails. He may be the founder of the journal, Skeptic, and he may be an adjunct professor at Claremount and Chapman Universities and a columnist for Scientific American, but he acted no differently from the 374,000 evolutionist bluffers unwilling to debate the 2,500-year-old history of evolution. Instead of professing, he was mute on Does God Exist. How pitiful for a Skeptic journal founder, a columnist, and a person claiming to be an […]

New science law

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Morphological Originality, a New Science Law, from Every Natural Object in the Universe. By Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus. It was well known that objects like snowflakes and fingerprints were morphologically originals, that is, they had no duplicates. The question investigated was whether other objects also were originals. Samples were analyzed from 70 populations of objects and were classified as originals or duplicates. Of the 37,010 non viable and viable objects analyzed, size ranged from stars down to microscopic organisms. All were originals, there were no duplicates. Further, a second tier of statistical inference indicated that all of the objects […]

Are all apemen frauds?

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Are all apemen frauds? An Objective Ancestry Test for Fossil Bones (8) © Joseph Mastropaolo, Ph.D.* 2002 [*Professor Emeritus, California State University, Long Beach; Adjunct Professor, Institute for Creation Research] Dr. Mastropaolo’s peer reviewed published article on fossil bone (above) caused 26 evolutionists to publish in Science a complete change of their claims about Ardipithecus ramidus kadabba. Their original claim in 2001 was that Ardi was a “missing link” apeman becoming human. After the fossil bone article (above) was published, the evolutionists changed their story to Ardi was a human becoming an ape. A 200-word classical science article (above) caused […]