In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
That means the entire universe. Therefore survey the objects that compose the entire universe. 5-17-17
Does Science Say God Exists?
Affirmative: 36,907 Science Observations.
71 Universe Populations.
Inference: Entire Universe.
P wrong = 0 (cf P < 0.05)
“No God” Evidence = 0, Unanimously 0.
God Evidence: Unanimously YES.
Inference: Entire Universe.
5-17-17. Please post. Karl’s list. Also
The Backyard Skeptics held a debate last night at
Orange Coast College. The topic was Does God Exist.
There were about a couple of hundred attendees.
None of the debaters spoke on Does God Exist.
They all spoke on whether religion is good or bad.
Pity. 5-17-17
5-17-17. Went to the debate last night. It was not about Does God Exist. It was about whether religion is good or bad. Pity.
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27. Joseph Mastropaolo On Jerry Coyne’s web site.
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Do you have any experiments to refute those of Redi, Tyndall, and Pasteur? Their experiments identified evolution as a superstition.

No answer as of 10-4-2017. Apparently, there are no experiments to refute the experiments of Redi, Tyndall, and Pasteur. Therefore, evolution, the desperate hope of atheists, remains a superstition.

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  1. 5-13-2017. Still no comment from Jerry Coyne.
    Apparently, evolution is a superstition as the experiments of Redi, Tyndall, and Pasteur indicated and Jerry Coyne has no refutation evidence for those experiments.
    Is it time to shout it from the housetops; EVOLUTION IS A SUPERSTITION!

  2. 5-3-17. Still no answer from Jerry Coyne.
    Is that because evolution is a superstition
    and neither Jerry Coyne nor anyone else
    can refute that fact.

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