CRSQ won’t decide on a candidate article.

The EDITOR of Creation Science Research Quarterly won’t allow a candidate article, A New Morphological Originality Law for the Universe, to be decided for publication.
And he won’t say why.
And he has refused to correspond at all on the matter.
Is that the way an editor is supposed to represent CRSQ?

Peer reviews were due on September 23, 2017. The author still had not been notified by November 23, 2017, two months late. And the EDITOR repeatedly refused to answer any correspodance on why. By January 6, 2018, there was still no word from the EDITOR.

If any science in the article was beyond the experience of the peer reviewers or EDITOR, why not say so? The author has offered to explain anything beyond the ken of the EDITOR or reviewers without influencing their deliberations on whether or not the article ought to be published. Why not accept that offer and allow CRSQ to fulfill its obligation to decide YES or NO on publication? Joseph Mastropaolo. January 6, 2018.