It is said that a theory is never safe because a study may come¬†along that disproves it. Rather than wait, some scientists attempt to disprove their own theories with disproof experiments. Such experiments are designed to test the theory so stringently that any weakness in it is likely to cause it to fail. There were ten disproof experiments in the originality studies and they all failed to disprove the originality theory. Given those best efforts in vain, then those¬†scientists reason that they have done their utmost to uncover the truth. Other scientists were not that sanguine and said it was the assignment of other investigators, if so inclined, to make a theory fail. Given that truth was the ultimate object, then the disproof investigators were more likely to find it. Priority allegiance to the truth, not merely lengthening one’s list of publications, made disproofs a priority measure for the originality studies.