Everybody’s Universe has clouds.

Everybody’s Universe has clouds

Everybody looks up and notices water vapor in the form of clouds floating low and high in the air. Why do some float low and others high? All of them are made of condensed water vapor yet the water in streams and rivers and oceans stays earthbound and will seek its own level. As clouds, they are differently shaped. Often they are white but may be gray or black when heavy with rain or snow or sleet or hail. They rotate and power the waterspouts, cyclones, tornadoes and hurricanes.

The sunrises and sunsets may be brightly colored. As small droplets, they may form a drizzle or a mist or a fog. Some may fall as sleet or as hail from a thunderstorm. Do they make the wind or thunderstorm? Is it true that clouds create lightning and the lightning creates the thunder. Some may form a cloud in the shape of a bow. If we are not colorblind, then the bow has all of the colors we are able to see and in the same order. Yet every rainbow is different with its own size and shape. Every droplet of rain splashes differently yet they are all water. And every rainbow has the same colors in the same order yet no two are alike. They are all made of vapor or tiny droplets of water. Why aren’t they all the same size, shape, and color? Why is there this curious joining of identity and originality again? How is it that water seems heavier than air yet has so many ways to float in air and to move oceans of air? And is it true that in the form of a liquid it is as close to a universal solvent as we have been able to find? And is it curious and fortunate that in solid form it floats in liquid water with no fear of a frozen ocean floor that might never thaw?