Evidence indicated no evolution, and no race.

There were 70 categories of evidence to validate the Originality Law. These included the stars, planets, other cosmic objects, the solar system, and the biosphere of planet, Earth. The objects were unanimously originals. There were no identical objects. The inference from those data indicated that the objects of the entire universe were original. There were no identical objects. That indicated that the universe may be characterized by all one.

No two were alike anywhere. There were no identities. Every object was an original. There were no exceptions. It was a law. Every object thereby became its own category. There was no trail of morphological change from one object to any other. Without antecedence, each object became its own group. There was no sign of any morphological progression, nor of any evolution of any kind. That suggested that every object was specifically created with originality and no dependence on any other object. There was no evidence of evolution, nor any sign of it anywhere. AS far as the evidence could tell, evolution did not exist. Likewise based on the evidence, there was no sign of races. Each human being was morphologically different from every other human being. Each one formed a race of one. As a group. there was only one race, the human race. The evidence indicated no evolution and no two were alike. 1-11-19