Evolution’s history, racism.

Evolution’s history started with a mystery. Put out a piece of meat and suddenly one day it will be covered with maggots. Where did the maggots come from? Anaximander, a wise old Greek, said the goddess, Gaea, used her vitalism and caused the maggots to spring to life. It seemed reasonable so it was taught in the schools for 2,000 years. Then along came Francesco Redi with his experiments and proved that the maggots hatched from the tiny eggs the flies had laid. The mystery was gone. Science had proven that life came from eggs, not the myth of Gaea’s vitalism. Or so any reasonable person would think. But not the people controlling the schools.

They wanted to be popular with the people making fortunes selling black people as slaves. Those slave traders needed a fake reason to give the young men to go to Africa to fight the anti-slave uprisings. If the schools taught that blacks had not fully evolved to being human, then commerce could triumph over science. And that was what was done. The first defeat of Dr. Redi’s science was from the slave traders. The slave traders claimed that black people were not fully evolved and could be bought and sold like animals.

Put the blame where it belonged. Those making fortunes from the slave trade made the schools teach that black people were not fully human. They could not have committed those crimes against humanity without the evolution lie that is still in the American education system. Racism in America is still in its education system as evolution and Gaea vitalism. Why don’t blacks in America demonstrate against the evolution root cause of racism instead of the prejudices? Get rid of the root cause, evolution, or the prejudices will always remain because everyone gets a public education.

Evolution was required as science in the American education system. If anyone wrote the truth that evolution was the old Gaea vitalism myth, then the best journals would reject it. Anything critical of evolution would be rejected. It would be accepted if published in one of the junk journals but then no serious scientist was likely to read it. The big money from the slave traders prevailed even after slavery was no longer making fortunes. It was replaced by a scheme for even bigger fortunes.

The slave trade was replaced by the despots of the 20th century that decided to take over the world by force. Mussolini and Hitler nearly succeeded in the conquest of Europe and Tojo nearly succeeded in Asia and America. Now evolution was needed to convince the conquering armies that they deserved the spoils of war because they were evolved from a master race. After their defeat, a return to rationality should have been expected except for one remainder, the Nazi space program.

At first the Americans took over the Nazi space advancements as a weapon of defense in the Cold War with the Soviet Union. Before the Soviet Union broke up, the American space industry had convinced the American President to promise a landing on the moon. That was accomplished but now the space industry used evolution to search for extrateresstrial life. There was nothing that suggested life existed elsewhere except the myth of evolution. The story was that life evolved on planet, Earth, and also must have evolved on other planets as well. The American fortunes made from the space programs were more than what was spent on all of World War 2 to keep us free from the bondage of the despots. And at the root cause again was the Gaea vitalism myth, evolution.

The search for life outside planet, Earth, took 50 years and $350 billions. The total return was zero. So what did NASA do? They talked the gullible American taxpayer into funding a search for life on a nearby star. The project was called TESS.