Evolve or create.

The argument goes back 2,500 years to the time of the ancient Greek, Anaximander. He maintained that the early Earth was lifeless. Then Gaea, the goddess of the Earth, started simple life. By struggle, life progressed to the summit, human beings. The struggles continued and that degraded life until there was no life. Then Gaea started life again and the cycle continued indefinitely.

There were signs showing life’s beginning. A piece of putrefying meat attracted flies then suddenly one day it seemed from out of nowhere maggots appeared. That supposedly showed that from lifelessness Gaea created life. Further, the crawling maggot seemed to struggle eating leaves while growing fat until it spun what seems like an egg. And from that supposed egg hatched a fly. That supposedly showed how the lowly crawling maggot evolved into a flying life form. And that was taught in the schools for about a thousand years.

Then 350 years ago, Dr. Francesco Redi with a newly invented microscope discovered that the flies on the putrefying meat were not only eating but were also laying tiny eggs. It was from the tiny egg that the maggot hatched. And it was from the pupa spun by the maggot that the same kind of fly hatched that had lain the egg. There was no spontaneous generation of life. There was no evolution. Gaea was a superstition, a false belief before the illumination of science, and so was evolution. And Redi’s experiments, never contradicted, were confirmed by the unchallenged experiments of John Tyndall and Louis Pasteur.

This was the time that the slave traders were making fortunes by capturing and selling indigenous black people. There was a need for a pseudoscience to convince the youth that the blacks were not quite human and therefore ethically could be enslaved. Further, fighting those who resisted was considered as morally justifiable as any other form of violence to maintain a lucrative market. Blackening out Redi’s science and resurrecting Gaea became the mandate for the schools and the media. Darwin joined in by showing from his studies that blacks were between gorillas and white people on the evolutionary scale.

That pseudoscience also was adopted by the despots of the 20th century to convince their youth that world domination would be achieved by the aryan races wiping out the inferior races, like the blacks, gypsies, and Jews. With the defeat of the despots in WW2, the allies continued space exploration by suggesting that there were bound to be other intelligent beings in the universe. Their rationale was that the evolution that happened here must have happened on other planets as well.

Fifty years later after spending 350 billion dollars searching, no life in space has ever been found. Life was expected to be found on the moon but even the moon rocks brought back to Earth had no life in them. There was no life on Mars either. Taken altogether according to a recent exhaustive survey, every object in space was a desert. Further, according to that survey, there was no other biosphere anywhere else in the universe. Life resided only on this planet and only in our biosphere. Furthermore, every object in the entire universe was an original, and like each snowflake and each fingerprint had no duplicate.

The originality evidence had the certainty of a fact. And that settled the 2,500 year old argument. In order to have what was observed, a Mega-Creator-Manager was necessary. And the only candidate for that job was GOD. Even Gaea was too limited and too impotent.

So there we have it. Like the rest of this unique biosphere, we were created. All of the other objects in the universe were unique deserts. The contrariness of Anaximander, Darwin and many others were notwithstanding and barely merited mentioning. And let us apologize to Dr. Redi, John Tyndall, Louis Pasteur and the rest of the dedicated science establishment for allowing the schools and the media to support the mercenary blackout of truth to favor the filthy lucre from evolution.### 9-13-2017