Drs. Harari and Chakrabarty defaulted.

Drs. Harari and Chakrabarty, both TED authorities, could not or would not defend scientifically their atheism nor their advocacy of evolution. Scientifically, that leaves the field open for any writer on God, life, or the universe without any restrictions from the separation of church and state. These data confirm that God was a scientific fact and that evolution was the old vitalism superstition permanently and unanimously refuted for the entire universe by the experiments of Redi, Pasteur, Tyndall, and Mastropaolo.

The following have been added to the recent list of 374,000 evolutionists unable or unwilling to defend their atheism and the 12,000 literal Genesis deniers. Whether on either list or not, any challenger was eligible for unlimited Science Trials and so far none have applied. 7-20-2018. http://originalitythroughouttheuniverse.com/science-trial/

197. Dr. Yuval Noah Harari claimed in his books (Sapiens, a brief history of humankind; and Homo Deus, a brief history of tomorrow), that God did not exist and evolution was true. When challenged, he could not or would not defend either claim scientifically. As promised he was put on a public list for all to see since 7-19-2018.

196. Dr. Prosanta Chakrabarty claimed that humanity evolved from fishes, not monkeys. In fact evolution never existed. (See Originality ruled the universe.) Dr. Chakrabarty defaulted because he would not discuss, nor debate, nor defend his superstitious claims in a Science Trial and he has been on this public list since 6-29-2018.

195. Dr. Stephen Hawking claimed that God does not exist and that physics created the universe. Challenged on both claims, Dr. Hawking defaulted and accordingly was put on this public list as unable or unwilling to defend his claims. June 1, 2017.