Human Extinction.

The forecasts for human extinction were for 2085.
Mutations were genetic disorders.
Uncured genetic disorders yielded extinction.
There was no evolution.
There was only devolution. 6-24-17

Fifty years of searching was more than enough. There was no biosphere in outer space. Each rock was a desert. 350 billion dollars spent to search for little green men was the champion swindle of all time of the American taxpayer. Outer space is a desert. There is no biosphere there. Without a biosphere there cannot be life. The space industry needs to quit the big lie that we are searching for extraterrestrial life. Face it, American taxpayers were swindled by the space industry with the old myth of little green men in outer space. 6-25-17

Is this picture of Pluto worth 350 billion dollars?
Is this and the rest of outer space a desert? With no biosphere, and therefore no life? That was what the evidence for 50 years indicated. Was that not enough time for that fact to sink in?

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    Just stop.


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