Are plants originals?


Is every plant an original? To answer that, it isn’t necessary to examine every plant. Like scientists, let’s examine a sample of plants then apply the finding to the whole population of plants. In the book, the flowers of 39 different plants were compared. What was found? Not one of those flowers was like any of the others. Each one was an original. Now, that does not make sense according to what I was taught in my science class. My science teacher told us that we came from the first spontaneously generated cell and there was a clear path from the early plants to the ones we see today. Well, is there a clear path if every flower is an original unlike every other flower alive today? It seems like what my teacher taught me was wrong. And my teacher did not teach me that every flower would be an original. Does that also mean my teacher held back information that proves that the chain of things is wrong?

After plants, the book shows the petals of one plant and the fact that every petal of that flower is an original. Compared to what I was taught, that shouldn’t be like that. A clear path to the whole flower cannot be seen if every petal of every flower is an original. This is proving that every petal of every flower was created an original and there is no path from one to another. Could it be that my teacher lied to me? If so, then that isn’t education. that is propaganda. See below and the book pp. 17,18.


If all of the objects in the universe are originals, in the past
and present and future, as seems to be the case, then how are we to think about how it got that way? Could some mindless force like the “big bang” have done it? Or must the originating force have been creative, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent?