Legislative remedy for current biology curriculum lawlessness.

Legislative remedy for current biology curriculum lawlessness.
The concept known as evolution has dominated the curricula in the State of California for more than 50 years. Attempts at reasoned correction have uniformly failed and that suggested support for the superstition was deeply embedded politically in the educational establishment. For example, every department of biology in the University of California system is entitled, the Department of Evolutionary Biology. A possible remedy may be legislation based on the constitutional law requiring truth in public education thereby outlawing the teaching of the superstition, evolution, instead of the science of biology.
For 2,500 years, the ancient Greeks and many of the schools in Europe taught that the Earth under the control of the goddess, Gaea, spontaneously originated life, then spontaneously advanced it to its highest level by means of struggle. Further, struggle devolved life to lifelessness, then the cycle repeated itself. Francesco Redi, in 1668, with the aid of the recently invented microscope, published 36 experiments, never contradicted, that proved that the flies were laying eggs on the putrefying meat and that the maggots were hatching from the eggs, not spontaneously from the vitalism of Gaea permeating the meat. Further, maggots metamorphosed to the same kind of fly that laid the eggs. There was no spontaneous generation of the maggots, nor any spontaneous advancement of a terrestrial life form, the maggot, to a flying life form, the fly.
Redi’s advancement of science was negated by the commercial need for a pseudoscience to justify the subjugation of African blacks in the lucrative slave trade of the 18th through 20th centuries. The dictatorships of the 20th century to justify world domination by Aryan cultures continued the Gaea superstition to the current immense space age expenditures for the speculated discovery of spontaneously generated extraterrestrial life. Yet the scientific evidence indicated that the only biosphere was on planet, Earth, and spontaneously generated life and spontaneously advanced life never existed.

For the entire universe, recent scientific research indicated that every object in outer space was a unique deserted original without any sign of spontaneous generation, nor spontaneously advanced life. To obtain and to manage the interdependent biosphere observed, an omnipresent omniscient omnipotent mega-creative manager was necessary. These basic concepts were derived from the unanimous data with the certainty of factual scientific evidence. It is proposed that the factual curriculum replace the current curricular superstitions found in biology.

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  1. 5-10-17

    Deserted is correct. The article does speak about all the objects in nature being designed, but this referred to their also being without a biosphere. I regret any confusion caused. Thank you David for the comment.

    On 9, May 2017, at 8:03 PM, David Bump wrote:
    Sounds great! Too bad nobody in the California legislature will be able to see the sense of it. Well, we can only tell them the truth, we can’t make them understand and accept it. Oh, and it looks like auto-correct changed a “designed” to “deserted.”

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