Originality ruled the universe.

Originality Rules the Universe.
Every natural object in the universe was an original. That wa proven with 70 experiments and more than 37,000 unanimous observations. So let us move on from there and ask about the score keeper. Someone or something made sure that there were no duplicates. Who or what did that? It was not a trivial task. The objects range from the gigantic stars down to the microorganisms seen only with the aid of a microscope. All of those populations were investigated. All were found unanimously original. But who or what made each grain of sand, for example, an original? We cannot depend on the seven dwarfs to hi, ho off to work with their little hammers to chip away at each grain of sand until it was an original. Stay serious. Who or what did it?

If that cannot be answered now, let us come back to it later. The next question was, who or what made sure that each original functioned like the others in the group. If it was a star, who or what made sure that the temperature, mass, color, radius and so on were different fromĀ all other stars but nonetheless functioned like the others? Now the task was to make sure that every original functions like theĀ others in its group. That means the next original must be constrained. It cannot be any kind of object. It must be like the others in the group, but not the same as any other one in the group. It cannot be a duplicate, but it also cannot be a white dwarf if the others are red giants. Similar but not a duplicate. Who or what would manage that? Would the management require intelligent decisions? If so, who or what could be counted on to do the task intelligently for every kind of object in the entire universe? For the truly objective scientist willing to go wherever the evidence leads, there seems to be only one answer. For science, a famous artist has rendered below the Mega-Creative Agent. Those who cannot go wherever the evidence leads have the burden of finding from science an objective alternative. [To assist with the requirements for that search, see A New Law In Science (abstract).]