Science Trials Science Trials

For the critics of the fact that all of the natural objects in the universe are originals, universal originality, or that a Mega-Creator is science, or both, a science trial is offered. For such a trial, the court costs are collected in advance rather than after the trial. The tentative rules follow.

  1. The critic of universal originality, or Mega-Creator is science, or both, deposits court costs of $10,000 in escrow.
  2. Joseph Mastropaolo deposits court costs of $10,000 in escrow.
  3. The trial will be adjudicated by a certified neutral Superior Court Judge or Appeals Court Judge acceptable to both parties (for example, from
  4. Only objective, valid, reliable, calibrated science evidence will be admissible as evidence. Opinions will be considered subjective and will not be admissible as evidence.
  5. Either party may challenge the other party’s evidence. Conflicts will be adjudicated by the Judge.
  6. The preponderance of evidence will prevail.
  7. The venue will be a courthouse or a hearing room for depositions.
  8. At the end of the trial, the Judge will instruct escrow to award the $20,000 court costs to the prevailing party.
  9. The prevailing party will pay first the honorarium for the Judge, then the rest of the court costs. Any remainder will be kept or dispersed as the prevailing party sees fit.
  10.  Critics worldwide may have as many trials, with as many on their side, with whatever qualifications they wish. Joseph Mastropaolo will defend alone universal originality, Mega-Creator is science, or both.    4-5-17                                                                             

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