The Universe as Science Teaches.

The Universe as Science Teaches.

Science teaches that the universe has no sign of evolution and never has. Evolution was proven an ancient Gaea superstition 350 years ago by Redi’s 36 experiments then confirmed by the experiments of Tyndall and Pasteur. Evolutionists refused to contend against the experiments of Redi, Tyndall and Pasteur because they knew their Gaea superstition cannot prevail against science.

SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) has no hope because the only known biosphere is on planet Earth. Every other object in space is a desert. SETI has no hope because evolution never will exist and every object in space is a desert.

Worldwide for more than 10 years, science trials have been refused by more than 374,000 evolutionists. None will contend. They know their Gaea superstition cannot even qualify to contend against science.

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