Unlimited Duplicates Prize.

A prize of $100 is offered for every pair of duplicates found in nature anywhere in the universe. This prize may be collected an unlimited number of times at http://originalitythroughouttheuniverse.com/unlimited-duplicates-prize/
or at jamastropaolo@gmail.com

This prize arose because of the findings in Morphological originality, a new law in science for every object in the universe. See below.

Morphological originality, a new law in science for every object in the universe.
J A Mastropaolo
It is well known that objects like snowflakes and fingerprints are morphologically originals, that is they have no duplicates.
 The question investigated was whether other objects also are originals. Samples were analyzed from 71 populations of objects and were classified as originals or duplicates. Of the 36,659 non viable and viable objects analyzed, size ranged from stars down to microscopic organisms. All were originals, there were no duplicates. Further, a second tier of statistical inference indicated that all of the objects in the universe were originals. Furthermore, all of the evidence was unanimous and suggested a new law of morphological originality for all of the objects in the universe. There were 13 disproof experiments and they all failed to disprove the law. The probability of being wrong was less than 1 chance in more than 2 sextillian chances, far beyond the science requirement for proof. For the immense number of objects in the universe, the certainty of the new law was the same as for a fact.                2-20-2017