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  1. I am honored that my question appears to have “evolved” into the question of the day, and thank you for your “original” and well proven answer!
    I have come to believe and maintain that nothing happens by “accident”, and that everything happens for a reason. Therefore that proves to me that there is some “force” that causes these things to happen. I chose to call that force God, others seem to like the term “nature”, others try to simply describe the physiological changes that resulted in the change, event or “creation”.
    I completely agree that there is no simple way to explain “how anything was created”, but there is an undeniable fact that “nothing” cannot create anything, and everything MUST have a Creator.
    I chose to praise and worship that Creator, and I call him GOD!

  2. How does Originality throughout the Universe prove the existence of God?
    Originality proved God because there was no one else that could keep the immense records for thousands of years to make sure there were no repeats. No two snowflakes are the same. Fingerprints are like that and so is every object in the universe. Evolution could not do it, for evolution has no brain. Only God could do it.

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